dedicated server information Dedicated Server Hosting Information

Dedicated server hosting is a hosting system where the entire server is rented to one particular buyer. Users of dedicated server get the ability to control every aspect of the server operating system such as specifications of server hardware, custom web installation, software installation, website bandwidth allocation and so on. It provides you with flexible and better technical support as compared to shared hosting services.

If you are running a large intensive resource website then it is advised to go for a dedicated server hosting services to ensure that you get the best performance. It is also a good option for businessmen and people looking for reliable and stable web hosting service. Without any second thought, it can be said that dedicated hosting is an effective service for companies and people looking for more secure and sophisticated website needs. Users can customize the features of the server according to their requirements which is not possible with any other shared hosting services. Let's take a look at the advantages of using dedicated hosting servers. These benefits will help you decide if a dedicated hosting solution is a best solution for you and your online business.

dedicated server performance Better Performance

If your site is taking a lot of time in directing the customers to the web pages then chances are that your customers will move on to another website providing similar content or information. This is an era of instant gratification and thus, it becomes necessary to maintain the uptime of your business to retain your customers. Using a shared server is often the reason for slow speed of your website. Getting a dedicated hosting solution will guarantee best uptime and improved performance of your whole website.

dedicated server flexibility Flexibility and More Support Option

The major advantage of using dedicated server hosting is that it allows you to customize your server completely according to your requirements and business needs. You can simply select and pay for only those features and services that you require. For example: You can choose between different kind of operating software that you think will best suit your web applications. Experienced users can benefit a lot from such kind of service. It allows you to control and manage everything on your terms. You can engage your team of engineers and developers to bring out the best features that you think are essential for your growing business need without having to think about space constraints.

dedicated server reliability Reliability

Sharing a server with other clients runs the risk of getting limited access to bandwidth and memory because of congestion of requests from other websites. In this situation even your website can crash because it would not be getting enough resources to stay online, especially during high traffic hours.Dedicated hosting server can resolve these problems effectively as the entire server is owned by you in this system. Your website will always have the access of the resources it would require to handle the increased flow of traffic and media. Therefore, you will never have to worry about your website going temporarily out of service due to unreliable server resources.

dedicated server security Security

Since no other website or client has access to your server, you won't have to worry about the viruses and malware getting into it. Also, because you are using a dedicated server the chances of crashing, hacking, or virus attacks get reduced substantially. You get the facility of constant monitoring and 24/7 technical support as well.

dedicated server expansion Room for Website Expansion

With dedicated hosting solution you have a lot of disk space, bandwidth, and everything that you would require to grow your website. You never would have to worry about the space constraint. You can change features such as RAM, HDD etc. to help with the server's response time to requests to suit the needs of your growing business. The best part is you pay only for the services you use without sharing them with any other client.

Although these benefits may be enticing budget usually plays a major constraint for startups and growing business. Dedicated server hosting can be a bit expensive than shared servers but if you are looking for better performance and customization options then the investment is worth every penny. Go for dedicated server hosting.

  • Quad Core
  • 2.40 Ghz (Xeon X3220)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Storage
  • 2 TB Traffic
$100/mo* buy now How Much Can It Handle?
  • Quad Core
  • 2.80 Ghz (Xeon X3460)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Storage
  • 2 TB Traffic
$230/mo* buy now How Much Can It Handle?
  • Dual Hex Core
  • 2.80 Ghz (Xeon X5660)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 250 GB Storage
  • 2 TB Traffic
$600/mo* buy now How Much Can It Handle?
EH1 Server Cluster
  • 2 x Custom EZ3 Servers
  • 4 TB Traffic
$790/mo* buy now
EH2 Server Cluster
  • 1 x Custom EZ1 Servers
  • 2 x custom EZ3 Server
  • 1 x custom EZ4 Server
  • 8 TB Traffic
$1865/mo* buy now
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